3D tutorial 1: An Introduction


Your 3D cross eyed trial will be successful in any case, if you follow

the rules below:

Important: Distance to the screen should be not less than twice the Image width – greater
is good – less is not ! (As a rule of thumb this will normally be about 50 cm )

1. Hold your index finger’s (or ball pen tip, or pencil tip or whatsoever …)
tip right in the middle between the 2 textlines ‘Coss Eyed 3D’.
2. Move this focussing help slowly in direction of your nose concentrating always on the tip
of it.
3. You will notice that the image splits up into 3 parts (you are on a good way then …)
4. We only take notice of the image part in the middle ignoring the rest. Alway keep
looking at the tip until the background image parts become roughly the same size.
5. This is the point (about 10 to 15 cm right in front of the nose) where the text
‘Cross eyed 3D’ kind of snaps to a readable text in the middle.
6. Congartualtions, you managed it !
Shouldn’t it work doing your first trial please be patient and try again !
(By the way it works easier the more the distance between you and the screen is ! )

The following could make problems sometimes:

The surface of the screen should not reflect any light at all. This desturbs the 2
stereo images. So change your device’s orientation until that reflection can’t be seen
Your eyes should be orientated parallel to the upper or lower edge of the screen.
(that way the 2 images don’t get canted )





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